D’lish Day Off

After three days parading around the streets of Las Vegas for a bowling tournament, it was almost nice to be back in town running around completing errands. My first stop was Haji Baba, an ethnic market that sells extremely cheap spices in bulk.

IMG_3108My purchase total was $5 for over a lb of ground ginger. I travel all the way down to Tempe by ASU for this because in the store a small jar can be up to $8. No thanks. I use it for cleansing ginger baths composed of 1/8th cup ginger and 1 cup Epsom salt. You turn the water up as hot as you can handle it and then sit there for 30 minutes. Be sure to drink water during the process! I recommend setting up your laptop or ipad to watch a short episode of your favorite show to distract you from the outpour of sweat.

As I was driving home from the spice store I saw a long line in the drive-thru at a place called D’lish. It appeared to be a popular Tempe spot based on the full drive-thru at lunch time. Because I hadn’t had lunch, I thought it would be a nice treat on the way home.


Their menu had a variety of healthy vegan and vegetarian options as well options for your non-veggie friend. I ended up with the veggie d’lite. It had tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, cucumber sauce, and lettuce in a sort-of-pita-sort-of-focaccia wrap. The lettuce was not dressed and was the bulk of the sandwich. It would have been a lot tastier had the ingredients been mixed together prior to entering the wrap. I didn’t expect it to be cheap, but $7 for this seemed a little on the pricey side considering it was just a wrap with no drink or side. Overall, it was a refreshing alternative to your typical drive-thru meal. I can’t wait to go back and try something else!


Unfortunately my camera died before I had the chance to photograph my grocery haul. I only spent $20 and came back with 5+ bags of vegetables! Food City is a gold mine.

Have a Lovely Day!



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