Good Morning, Sunshine Introduction

Good Morning, Sunshine.

I hope you slept well, because I have a lot to talk about. I’m not the best story teller, so bare with me for an introductory “get to know me” kind of post.

My parents named me Morgan, out of no reason other than “She was supposed to be a boy. Blake was his name, her name, err, what do we name her?! Oh the artist who painted the picture on the wall’s name is Morgan? Let’s do that.” Maybe it wasn’t as whimsical as my parents made it seem. Perhaps they picked it out of a baby name book and wanted to make it sound as if there was an actual story behind my name. Do they have a bar at the hospital? That could explain their “whimsy” choice.


I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ and I currently still live in this beautiful town. Upon graduating high school I wanted out of this blanket of beigeness. After living in the same town my whole life (the same freakin’ beige and brown town) I felt like my parents had secluded me to a life of dormancy. Did I mention the whole town is beige? My roots were tied down, but they weren’t allowing me to grow. I packed my bags and headed off to study in a rigorous pre-veterinary program. My Arizona feet were not happy and I quickly took to dreaming of coming back to Arizona. My love for medicine and animals remained, but I wasn’t sure it was the right career for me. I took the plunge, moved back home, and signed up for a year of community college to find my feet. When I came back, I noticed that we had the most vibrant sunsets, beautiful blue skies, and breathtaking purple mountains. It merely took a few months out of my element to see the beauty within.

Currently I am studying at Arizona State University as a Global Health Major. I plan on eventually obtaining a Master’s in God Only Knows What with an emphasis in who the hell knows. I’m too young to decide what I want to do with my life. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to make the world a better,happier, and healthier place. I work at a small insurance company managing claims, servicing customers, and occasionally selling policies if our capacity calls for it (this only happened a few times, but I definitely got the seller’s “high”). This is by no means what I want to do for a career, but it’s a step in the right direction in today’s business world. My Dad taught me that life doesn’t hand you lemons, that it gives you the tools to grow your own damn lemons. Somehow that digressed to him telling me that he did not like lulu lemon because it showed too many things that you’re not supposed to see.

I’ve decided to make a blog, because I’m open enough to share my diary with the world – why not my daily musings? In future posts you will be able to find the daily life of me, Morgan. And then some.

Examples of what this lifestyle blog will entail based on my loves and hobbies:

1. An anthology of my dating woes and antics.

2. Stories from my crazy girlfriends.

3. Tips for making college count.

4. What it’s like as a college student with a full time job.

5. I’m 22, expect a nice introduction to my favorite Sports Bars.

6. Traveling (you’ll soon find that I am hopelessly in love with Texas and California…if the two had a baby, I’d live there).

7. Food. I eat to be in love with every last crumb. Screw diet bars, place me at a real bar and I’ll order a burger with all of the fixins (ok, I lied a teensy bit on that one…I’d order a veggie burger).

8. Book reviews (during the summer I manage to read approximately a book every week or two).

9. Moving up in the business world as a young professional.

10. Daily musings.

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